Tuesday, September 30, 2014
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How to Stay Positive in a World that Makes No Sense

The School in a Cart www.Lift-the-Lid.org

I haven’t written a blog post in several weeks. I wanted to, but every time I sat down to write something, I came up empty. My heart was too heavy and overwhelmed. What I could possibly say to encourage you in the midst of all the horrible things happening in our world right now? I had to stop watching the ... Read More »

Overcoming Creative Chaos

The start of a story

This summer, I started writing a new novel, a process that is always equal parts exciting and terrifying. The idea of writing a new book fills me with anticipation. My imagination starts asking, ‘what if?’ and I begin scribbling notes on the backs of envelopes and scratch paper and on my shiny new yellow legal pad. My brain leaps and ... Read More »

The Secret Ingredient to Getting Things Done

Finding Focus

This headline sounds like a sales pitch, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. I’m not selling anything—just offering a bit of encouragement. We all want to know how to get things done. We want the magic key, the secret sauce, the whatever-it-is that has eluded us all this time and keeps us from accomplishing what we most want to do. I’ve finally ... Read More »

Beware of “Destination Addiction”

Beware "Destination Addiction"

When we’re chasing a dream, it is easy, too easy, I think, to spend so much time looking ahead—that we forget what is right in front of us. It’s a daily battle of the heart, to savor and appreciate what is–while still moving toward what could be. Somehow, we need eyes of grace to see…and appreciate…and cherish the little things, ... Read More »

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